Autumn Garden!

Hi Everyone I thought I would share with you 3 cards I made today, very quick cards and cheery too. I am  just getting ready for the change in the weather to Springtime I hope it is here to stay.

You can view more of my cards here thank you for viewing until next time.

My Google+ Experience

Hi Everybody in the Creative Talent Community I thought I would share my G+ experience with you all you can view it  - Here

Thank you for reading x

The Talent Team - Creative Talent Update

Hi Talent Team

 Well what a year it has been and a great start for our community loaded with cool and awesome talent from all over. It really has been great getting to know you all via the community, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks again to all the top talented members for keeping us going with fresh talent. For anyone new who has been visiting I thank you also for joining in the fun and adventures here with us. Plenty more cool things to come yet from Creative Talent so keep your eyes peeled for the next batch of outstanding talent. We represent creative and talented people of all types and we are the community to be a part of if you are looking to get a bit of exposure to a close knit friendly community that share the same interests. Check out our current talented members who come from backgrounds such as Blogging, Marketing, Graphic Art, Video And Music Production, Social Media Experts, Web Design/Development and many more interesting areas. We are basically a mob of creative intelligence on a mission!! So if it sounds like the right place for you we would like to see you around checking out the community sometime. Oh by the way if you own your own business, website or have any other material you wish to promote then please come along and join the fun. We love to support each other and help each other so if you are looking to get some friendly feedback on projects and get some approval from a bunch of creative heads then drop by so we can criticize you (In a friendly , professional manner). Have Fun Guys!

My interview by the amazing writer Dyane Forde

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all ok, I thought I would share with you the fact that I have been interviewed by the amazing writer Dyane Forde. She has a great Blog called Dropped Pebbles : - You can view the interview Here - I hope you enjoy it and I will pop back soon with more cards and thoughts.

Hello Community

Hello Community. A little bit about myself. I blog (obviously) I own 2 IT-related businesses. I offer consulting and marketing services that help businesses and individuals iron out the "gaps in their game". I am currently in the process of writing my first book. Much thanks to +Jed Lloyd for reaching out and inviting me. It is always a pleasure to meet new, and very talented, people like I know I will meet on here. I will post some blogs here soon. I am in the process of getting my new web site up right now. I will post a link to it once I get it online. Again, awesome to be aligned with you guys.

Thanks Creative Talent Community Members


Well I guess its time for me to add something here and contribute to the blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have visited the community via Google Plus. you are all great and wonderful people , its been a pleasure to meet and connect with you all. Also thanks to anyone who has ever got involved and contributed to the community.

Thank you Jed Lloyd

Hi Everyone,
I have been invited to contribute to Jed's blog and I thought what a great opportunity! My name is Jennifer Kirk and my passion is papercrafting. I have blog you can view it here. I also have an on-line card shop here. I decided to join Google plus and I have to say I have connected and interacted with quite a few people. I know I should not be surprised but I am in awe at the talent out there. I will add some of my cards from time to time plus whatever comes to mind. I have learned so much from my time being on g+ and I have to say I have never read so much as I do now. My hope is that other people will contribute and support Jed on this journey to wherever it leads. This first card is for you Jed - thank you so much!!!


Hi , Welcome to our New Blog for the Creative Talent Community. This blog is a haven for all creation. Feel free to join in the fun at anytime and follow what we do. We are a creative bunch of people from all over that dabble in things such as blogging , web design, writing , artwork and photography, not to forget musical talents and video creations. We love to connect and share our creative work and also talk about new ideas, that is what we do. We think, we inspire, we create and we share. I hope you know that in the process of all this we also have fun and a good time, nothing but positive energy is what runs through here, always stay positive

If you are new to our community I thank you for joining us here. We get involved and collaborate on all types of creative projects such as Music,Video's, Art and Blogging/Web Design projects. We also represent for these specified types of creatives and anyone new who would like to be involved some how. Remember there is always a position and a place for you here. If you feel that you are not worthy or have nothing to share, just give me a shout and I will assign you a task and something to do. One thing I do not like is for anyone to feel left out, We accommodate for everyone and anyone who has an interest.